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One of the few things about Vista that just drives me crazy is the problems with Windows Explorer.I prefer to use Details mode for certain folders, but it seems like Vista constantly “decides” that the folder should show a different set of columns than what I had previously chosen.If you want to reset the folder views you can delete the keys that store the view information.Open through the start menu search or run box, and then navigate down to the following key: You’ll see a bunch of keys with numeric names under the Bags had a single music file in the folder so Vista thinks that it’s a music folder and only displays the columns for music files instead… To reset this setting manually, you can right-click in the folder and choose “Customize This Folder…” Then you can change the folder type drop-down to All Items instead of whatever it was set to.You might have to reset the view to details mode or choose the columns you want after changing this setting, but it should hopefully stick.

It makes updating your computer a lot easier then manually hunting down updates.Using Explorer View to Turn Off Auto-Detection There’s a small freeware application called Explorer View that claims to be able to prevent auto-detection of folder types.In my limited testing so far, it seems to work correctly, but I’d be interested in your thoughts.In my Windows 7 installation, I am able to connect to the network, surf the internet, download files, and use various software (e.g., Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Kaspersky Antivirus which updates fine). Windows Vista Registry Error Windows Vista Registry Error Before you perform this quick PC error fix with software fix slow compter, crucial to first back your current registry.

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