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Don't forget to say thank you when you leave an event, then call the next day and send a thank-you note within 24 hours so the message is not lost." Perhaps so many of us are hesitant to send thank you notes because we don't know how to write them properly or aren't sure of the proper way to express our feelings of thankfulness. Kidder of Sarah Kidder Designs is an event planner and expert on event etiquette.

She revealed to me that, "One of the typical etiquette challenges is not making a thank you note all about the writer.

I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while and it’s really helped me with getting better at Using My Words.

The process of getting (free) therapy is painstaking but I’m finally on a waiting list, so yay! For the first time, I am taking half my classes online, and so I’ve never met my professors and can’t geographically organise to do so.Sincere thank you notes do not have a lot of 'I' included." Then there's the note itself.According to Devoreaux Walton of The Poise Pursuit, a proper thank you takes a pen.Health stuff happens and extension requests are common, routine things that students need.Be polite and clear and you’ll most likely be fine.

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