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The seller may choose to renege on a deal at any time, prior to the transaction being completed. Whenever a character is transferred before the seller has moved the ISK received from the sale to another one of their characters, the Customer Support team will return that ISK to the rightful owner.

The buyer cannot expect to receive both the character and the ISK that they paid to purchase it. The ISK that a buyer sends when attempting to purchase a character is considered to belong to him until such a time as the character being purchased has been delivered to the account of his choosing. All skill training must be paused before transferring the character as characters can not be transferred while having an active skill queue. All character transfers have a 10 hour waiting period for security reasons. Accounts can only be involved in one character transfer at a time. When a character is sold, the buyer must modify the topic title to reflect this to help other forum patrons know what characters are still available. The new owner of the character may NOT pass himself off as any previous owner. Posts in the sales thread once the character has been successfully sold should not be edited.

More so than most games, writing about EVE means considering multiple disparate audiences, and some dispelling of illusions.

This restricts a pilot’s skills, which in turn locks them out of using (but not making or trading) most in-game ships and equipment, including those of other factions.

One major reason for this, and a major source of EVE’s infamy (and some widespread misconceptions) is the corporations.

Any player can found one of these co-operative, entirely player-run organisations, or join an existing one.

You are buying/selling the character ONLY and nothing else. As the ISK received for the character sale is transferred directly to the character for sale, that character gets in virtually all cases a positive ISK balance.

Ships and items can be readily bought or sold on the market for ISK. It's up to the seller to remove only so much ISK as that the character is still in the plus prior to transfer. Kill rights You must disclose if there are kill rights on the character for sale. The location of the character must be disclosed and whether it is in high security, low security, null sec or wormhole space. Down-payment plans are not supported by CCP Customer Support.

Don't forget to activate the mod in Game launcher after you Subscribe and download it.

They can be a dozen players keen on making money, a couple of professional gankers sharing their loot, or a vast military-industrial complex of the sort you’ve likely already heard of, organising hundreds or thousands of players in enormous war campaigns, economic conspiracies, and espionage operations against rivals or random victims for the hell of it.

Player activity is so integral to the game’s basic function that CCP to retain old hands more than most MMO devs, and so they form another audience for the Ascension to please.

Kill rights you possess on other characters are to be treated as assets and not included in the character listing. Jump clones The seller must disclose whether jump clones are located in 0.0, lowsec or highsec space and may for example not claim the character for sale character is able to fly ship X or Y when that is clearly not the case. You must also state if the character is in space or in a station. As a seller, you are agreeing to a certain amount of ISK only, which is to be paid in one payment.

Once again, any forms of scams regarding character sales are strictly prohibited. Agreements on the forums or in game, or winning an auction does not guarantee a character will be transferred to you.

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