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Lord Boswell acknowledged the close working relationship between the UK and Gibraltar government though the Joint Ministerial Council on Brexit, highlighting the recent agreements on UK market access and the ongoing dialogue to build on them.

“It’s really important that people don’t think they’re being overlooked and that they aren’t overlooked,” he said.

Last December, the EU Select Committee published a report that concluded that a ‘no deal’ Brexit could have serious adverse consequences for the UK economy.

Yesterday Lord Boswell said that if negotiations with the EU 27 broke down in acrimony, “you have got serious problems all around…” Having chaired various inquiries into different aspects of Brexit, Lord Boswell left no doubt too of the complexity and challenge of the withdrawal as a whole.

author Patrick Rothfuss has stuck to the answer posted to his FAQ page: “When there is news about book 3, I will pass it along.

I don’t glean joy from withholding information; when there’s news, I’ll tell you.”But while a release date for Book 3, a sequel to , hasn’t yet been announced, recent author tour stops and Rothfuss’ penchant for volubility have provided several updates on the pressures of the writing process and his approach toward the book’s completion.

“You really can’t substitute having that experience.” In their report last year, the peers stressed their unequivocal backing for the UK Government’s double-lock sovereignty commitment to Gibraltar.

Yesterday Lord Boswell said that was a position that enjoyed solid cross-party support across Westminster.

“I welcome both those sets of statements by the Spanish Government.” “That is a good basis on which to consider how best to achieve the objective I have repeatedly stated should be our joint endeavour: How to use Brexit to create a rainbow of opportunities that will enhance the wealth created in Gibraltar in a manner that is designed to further lap all parts of the shore of the Bay of Gibraltar.” The Chief Minister told guests at the dinner that Brexit offered an opportunity to “break the stalemate” that has seen repeated generations of politicians in Gibraltar and the Campo struggle to tap opportunities for cross-border economic and social development.

“That’s where the moral duty comes in.” He said the discussions under the JMC had proved a “reasonably fruitful process” so far, but struck a note of caution too.

“At the moment it’s alright, but you need to be vigilant,” Lord Boswell told the Chronicle shortly after arriving in Gibraltar yesterday evening.

Gibraltar’s constructive engagement with the UK on Brexit has been “reasonably fruitful” so far, but the Rock must “remain vigilant” as withdrawal negotiations with the EU move into the next phase.

That was the message last night from Lord Boswell of Aynho, the chairman of the influential EU Select Committee in the House of Lords who is currently on a short fact-finding visit to Gibraltar.

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