Failed updating drac 5 firmware

Once USC is loaded, the Platform Update can be launched.It is recommended to first update all of the suggested firmwares and then again launch Platform Update to update USC itself separately, because it was found to be the less reliable update of all.Additionally, i DRAC is able to re-flash USC / LC using USC repair packages lc-1 in the case if it was hosed during the update.It is generally not recommended by Dell and considered to be a last-resort action, but I have found it to be the only reliable way of updating the USC.

Hence, this compilation was created in a hope that it will be useful and save time to some.Let us consider a case of a Dell Power Edge R710 featuring 2 x 2T hard drives and a 100G solid state drive, equipped with an i DRAC 6 Enterprise remote access card.There are generally several avenues that one might take to update the server firmware: What follows are comments regarding each one of those and applicable update methods.Unfortunately, it took a lot of experimentation to find out that this particular server will not handle anything older or newer, but USC 1.3.There is no scientific explanation for that up to now, because generally in such a case Dell just replaces the motherboard without going on into the details of what exactly went wrong.

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