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A tag of Anonymous is assigned to visitors who leave comments without identifying the originator of the posted content.

Users of imageboards sometimes jokingly acted as if Anonymous was a single individual.

The concept of the Anonymous entity advanced in 2004 when an administrator on the 4chan image board activated a "Forced_Anon" protocol that signed all posts as Anonymous.

Users of 4chan's /b/ board would occasionally join into mass pranks or raids.

Then they tell the truth at unexpected and unfortunate times, sometimes destroying themselves in the process.

They are unpredictable." Norton states that the difficulties in reporting on the group cause most writers, including herself, to focus on the "small groups of hackers who stole the limelight from a legion, defied their values, and crashed violently into the law" rather than "Anonymous’s sea of voices, all experimenting with new ways of being in the world".

We are sure that there are a lot of talanted writers among you.

Anonymous is a decentralized international hacktivist group that is widely known for its various DDOS cyber attacks against several governments, government institutions & government agencies, corporations, and the Church of Scientology.

Usage of the term Anonymous in the sense of a shared identity began on imageboards, particularly the /b/ board of 4chan, dedicated to random content.In a raid on July 12, 2006, for example, large numbers of 4chan readers invaded the Finnish social networking site Habbo Hotel with identical avatars; the avatars blocked regular Habbo members from accessing the digital hotel's pool, stating it was "closed due to fail and AIDS".These raids resulted in the first mainstream press story on Anonymous, a report by Fox station KTTV in Los Angeles, California in the U. The report called the group "hackers on steroids", "domestic terrorists", and an "Internet hate machine". Let's Play Cat Girl Alliance eskort oslo pornografiske filmer 16a. Sex Story On Tape With Cheating Real Sluty Wife (7 min) sex.

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