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This SCIO Health Analytics showcase allows a sales representative to analyse their promotional activity across a territory in terms of calls made to targeted and non-targeted customers, percentage of face to face contacts and coverage and frequency of their promotional activity.

It also shows the influence mapping at account level to show who influences which account by how much.

In order to achieve efficiency, optimization and profit, the solution is based on the following criteria (analysis and forecasting): - OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) - Breakdown - Stock - Costs - Waste - Orders - Geographic information This solution provides valuable insights into insurer's business and is dedidated for top management.

It gives an overview on the sales performance across various dimensions as well as benchmarks with the market. my LOGISTICZ is a Supply Chain Management Analytics & Io T driven technology agnostic solution, which uses powerful visualizations to help improve key business areas.

The solution aims to offer Automotive Retail management valuable insights of how their business is doing, what is perfectly working and what should be improved, by addressing 3 different areas of the business, Car Sales, Parts Sales and Labor Sales.

Bot Report turns dummy data about bots into a useful statistical analysis, empowering the top management to make meaningful decisions about investing in installation or improvement of the bot in their system.

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Browse the Partner Solution Showcase now to find the right solution for your organization. Join the partner program Real time financial analytics for Dynamics AX.

Analyze the overall financial results including sales, cost, profits and more from different tables. Migrated from their traditional reports to Power BI Pro which provided interactive visualization and an holistic view for the management team review.

A predictive model identifies the characteristics/indicators of churn (silent/explicit) and a customer level predictive score across a timeline demonstrates the likelihood of churn at different period, identifying the threshold.

The Silent Attrition Prediction Model for Retail Banking was developed to identify the customers likely to churn silently within the next x months, to help retain valuable customers and to arrive at a foresight driven targeting strategy to generate better ROI.

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Insurance companies are always are interested in obtaining detailed reports on the number of accidents, and understanding what type and severity of accidents are most common as well as the most common parts are involved in each type. The main aim of this report is to provide a holistic perspective in opportunities in a company.

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