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Slack's even great beyond work—or for juggling multiple jobs at a time.You can join multiple teams in Slack to keep your reading group, side project, and work chat all together in the same app.It’s no surprise AIM and MSN Messenger were some of the internet's strongest lures in the '90s, while messaging apps like Whats App and LINE are persuading the next billion to get online today. Today's best team chat apps help organize team conversations about multiple topics, search through your company archives to see if a question has already been answered, and speed up with bots and integrations that bring apps into your chats.Here are the best features in today's team chat apps so you can pick the perfect tool for your company.You can mark any message as a task, then check those tasks off from your chat sidebar.Stride will show that message itself as checked off, too, so your team will know your question got answered.

Then, when you start out your day, Stride summarizes what's happened while you were away in a channel, it's easy to miss out on valuable info if you don't read through every message.

In our cosy online meeting point with many boards and great chats Create your free homepage with photos, guestbook and blog.

Play chess, backgammon, poker, skat, tetrinet and many other games. Groups, boards, photovoting and much more is an extensive online community with thousands of men and women you can get to know.

This makes us one of the oldest online communities on the internet. Mobile version of Quickly send mails to your friends with your phone or check whether they are currently online in the chat.

“To err is human,” wrote Alexander Pope, but he could have as easily written, “To communicate is human.” From pictograms carved into stone to the latest chat apps, humans always find better ways to communicate. Video calls can be as frustrating to schedule as a face-to-face meeting. Type a quick message, get an equally short reply or perhaps just an emoji, and get on with your work. It's how we talk to friends and family today, and increasingly, it's also how work gets done.

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