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They asked if I have an antivirus, and I said that I did.

They then said that the antivirus was not able to detect this type of error. I asked for their website details and they reluctantly gave them to me, and then said “ok,.

South Chennai Joint police commissioner Shanmugarajeswaran instructed Valasaravakkam Inspector Jeevanantham to inquire into the complaint. While Seeman refused to answer media inquiries his lawyer Chandrasekaran said that Police was yet to contact Seeman regarding the complaint.

Chandrasekaran said that Vijayalakshmi had met Seeman only once when she requested assistance about her sister’s divorce. Chandrasekaran said that he himself had provided assistance in the matter as Seeman had requested him to help. Seeman was planning to marry a war affected Sri Lankan Tamil woman & permission had been obtained from parents revealed lawyer Chandrasekaran.

She said that these updates were not actually installing because my warranty had expired.

So, to remove the problems and protect my PC I just need to make a one time payment. I asked at this point how much it was, but she could not answer (was not on the script in front of her).

so you will call the support number, thank you” and hung up. – some of these names may be perfectly legal and trustworthy companies.

I said “it is less than 1 megabyte, that is not much”. Here comes their most cunning trick to make you think that they are genuine Windows support.THEY TRY TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT THEY HAVE TO VERIFY YOU! There are two types of warranty, a hardware warranty and a software warranty.Classic scammers trick, really it is you that should be verifying them. It will be on most computers, maybe unique to Vista, but they have already confirmed that you are running Vista. Your software warranty covered your operating system, but has now expired and your computer is at risk from more malware.” I do not even use Windows firewall, I have a 3rd party one instead.As a result malware is getting on to your computer from unsecured websites.This is slowing down your computer and will eventually cause the operating system to fail”. She told me that these errors were serious and caused by the malware. She next led me to the temporary folder on my pc by doing: Windows Buttom R (to open a Run command box) then typing “temp malware” which just opens a Windows temp directory.

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She alleged in her complaint that she & Seeman had a 3 year intimate love affair promising to marry her & that he was now refusing to do so. Seeman who is also the president of the popular political organization “Naam Thamilar Iyakkam (We Tamil movement)has denied the allegation.

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