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We’re also back at that juncture where we’re loving without any foundation for loving and then refusing to opt out because we don’t want to let go of the fantasy or the illusion and get real…and deal with our problems.

And trust me, if you’re doing this, you have some big issues to deal with because you’re engaging in incredibly self-destructive behaviour and repeatedly creating a rejection situation for yourself and then wondering why you’re in pain – because you did it, not him!

In essence, how do you let go of a one-sided attraction which in your mind has created a relationship out of…

For a start, you can’t ‘break up’ when there is nothing to break up from.

Stop calling, stop chasing, stop texting, stop seeing a bread loaf when there is barely a crumb.

Stop waiting, stop hoping, stop projecting, stop the madness.

But if you are at that point where you want to and can do something about this, don’t try to make things anymore complicated than they are because when you let go of something that doesn’t and didn’t exist, you have that power and are in the driving seat of what happens to you.

Talk to a professional because spending your life and brain time escaping from the real world whilst hurting you and not wanting that to change, says that it’s time you spoke to someone and got to the heart of your issues.You’re gonna ride this imaginary donkey of love till it collapses.We’re back at the juncture again where we think that deciding that we love or feel something about someone creates an automatic IOU.It doesn’t matter what they feel – you’re only interested in the fact that you feel what you feel and you want them to feel that too.The thing is, from the moment that you recognise that you 1) are not having your feelings reciprocated and/or 2) that you’re not in a relationship with them, major warning signals should be going to your brain that there is something seriously wrong if you are still trying to get them to reciprocate and obsessing about them over an extended period of time.

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