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Maybe you wrote something like “Two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together”. You need to be clear on what you expect from a husband/wife, so that when he/she says “Yes!! The only way you can do that is if you know what you’re asking!!

Well, that doesn’t require an actual “legal” marriage! Once you’ve figured out what a marriage entails (so that you know what to ask a potential husband / wife), the question is who to ask!

It lets you determine quickly who to ask and what to ask.

Without this list, one of the most common things that happen is that you meet someone who satisfies some of the qualities on your list.

After all, how can something be a problem if it isn’t relevant to something you want?

Please be aware though that I am currently in love, so my analysis may be somewhat biased.

Additionally, I am male, so this will be from a male perspective (but it should be very applicable to women too since the underlying basis is about relationships in general).

By devoting most of your time to a relatively hopeless relationship, your deprive yourself of the chance of exploring other relationships that might give you what you want!

Consider someone who goes from suboptimal relationship to suboptimal relationship, each lasting 2 years with 2 months in between.

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