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Christine and I were lying in bed and she started stroking my cock and looking at me with a mischievous grin and gleam in her eyes. Since you and I both knew Mike from our previous occasions, I felt safe enough to go upstairs with him and his friends.By this point I was horny as hell and I know Gina was too.Gina was in a pair of leather pants and tank top also with the “girls” up and out for everyone to see followed by high heeled platform shoes. We’ve done enough together for you to know that I will get excited long before I get jealous.” Christine’s response to my question and my anticipation for what she was about to tell me had me hard as a rock, and from here on the events that transpired will be from Christine’s point of view. We ordered our drinks and settled onto a couple of bar stools facing the band.Gina had just finished going through a long drawn out divorce and needed some fun time and my wife was all too happy to oblige. It didn’t take long before several guys came over and started talking to us.Here I was with a raging hard on and my wife’s best friend. I really should have rang the doorbell but Shelia said you would be in bed by now.” She never looked away from my feeble attempt to hide myself.I tried to cover up my dick but it’s pretty hard to hide 8 inches of stiff meat.“Tammy! “I just brought this stuff for her to try on before tonight.” She broke her stare and looked at the rest of my body as a sly grin over took the look of shock.“Let me get something on.” I stammered.“Why?

My wife was scheduled to go out with her cousin for the evening.

Her cousin, Gina, had flown in for the week and they were going to a local hangout that was by one of the marinas.

There was a large Tiki Bar where bands played every Saturday night.

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With all of the sexual energy surrounding us we all knew what was about to happen when we got up there.

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  1. How about showing your daughter the respect to let them make these kind of choices instead of trying to rule their lives through fear and intimidation under the guise of love? What kind of a message are you giving your kids about sexism?