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Alas, for now, entry-level additive FDM technologies remain fairly useless for low cost, high quality hobbyist work; this may change in the next few years with the advent of affordable SLA printers, but that revolution is yet to come.Today, CNC has a clear upper hand on at least four fronts: Precision: when I started working on the guide, this would be a good result from a Makerbot FDM printer; and this would be a more common example.

Nickname , Age , Sex ( Male / Female ) , Country and State.The technology has improved since, but still, if you compare it to output from a CNC mill, the difference becomes obvious.CNC mills often boast mechanical resolutions of 1 µm (0.001 mm) in all axes, and produce silk smooth surfaces for almost arbitrarily complex parts.Right now, the real-world accuracy of a ,000 mill is usually difficult to replicate with any printer that costs less than ,000.In fact, even with very expensive printers, there tend to be significant constraints on what you can make: features smaller than 0.7 mm in the X-Y plane, or under 0.1-0.2 mm in the Z axis, are often taboo.

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Choice of materials: CNC machines work in cheap, commodity materials - anything from wax, to transparent plastics, to PCBs, to wood, to plaster, to aluminum, to steel.

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