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Reply I have a dream of someday putting some of my photos up in my home! Especially such gorgeous shots as yours :-) I like the Martha example, but I’d almost like it…. A few shots a little higher than the rest, a few a little lower. I think the framing should be more assymetrical though, it would show off the colors and they would play off each other! It’s the green nursery room a couple photos down that I’m talking about : Reply You have such a beautiful backyard!

I think an asymmetrical collage would look much cooler! The pictures are amazing :) Reply You know how people have favorite celebrity couples?

The burger recipe looks delicious too, I love chickpeas! is there a substitution I could make for the coconut oil though? Love the bowl of oats : D Is there VOO parfait anywhere?! For Real, that would make my life sing songs of praise. And I was lol’ing so much when you said you were running away from Eric’s mama giraffe kissies hahaha : D I can’t wait to see how you’re going to decorate the walls! Yes, I think you should arrange them all on the floor or table first and take pics :). I love mismatched frames and random non symmetrical picture collages. i love your love and passion for healthy food, your honesty in relishing each dish is so inspiring.

I’m still not on the lots-of-coconut-is-actually-good-for-you bandwagon quite yet (I’m getting there though! Also, would you happen to have any tips on how to make just one of these burgers (or any)? Oh, and your Double Down Chickpea Fest looks awesome! Sounds like a lot of planning but also loads of fun and quality time well spent. Reply The photos look gorgeous…you guys are too cute. ;) I have actually been thinking of printing framing photos and trying to sell them to earn some money…not sure if people would want pictures of oats in their house but you never know!! i have culivated it from you and i owe it to you completely.

After teasing a new installment in the God Eater franchise several months ago, Bandai Namco has officially pulled back the curtain on God Eater 3.

For an early glimpse at the next entry in the action role-playing series, check out the official announcement trailer for God Eater 3 below: In the game, players will be able to team up with their fellow God Eaters and use their special God Arc weapons to slay the monstrous beasts called Aragami, which are wreaking havoc upon the world.

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