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“I’m going onto the computer for a little research. I’ll be out in an hour or so to help you.” “Thank you, Ruth.I’m sure that this problem must be more common than we think. I can’t believe you’re so understanding about this.” “You have a problem, Darling. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.” She kissed me again and walked into our home office where we had our desktop computer, printer, modem, and router for our home network.They were loud even though the topic of their conversation would have been best the subject of whispers. ” “Yeah, but this one’s a member and she’s at least twenty years older than he is.” “Let me guess—golf lessons.” They all laughed as he continued. She does have to show her husband SOME improvement—on the course if not in the bedroom.” I heard their raucous laughter behind my back as I ordered another draft Budweiser from the bartender. “No, not either of them, but something old testament…I’m pretty sure.” “How about Ruth? There were three Ruth’s in the club—Ruth Mason, age 78; Ruth Gordon, age 27, and Ruth Gates, age 54. Worse, she had allowed herself to be seduced by a real pussy hound.“Anyway, I understand that she’s a fox even though she’s in her fifties. I think it’s something from the bible although her behavior with Gary is anything but religious. I didn’t rise in business by acting without thinking so I drove to our nearby lake where I sat on a boulder for almost an hour. If this guy was fucking as many women as he claimed there was a real risk of contracting some STD.We also had a laptop that I often used and two tablets.I sat back in the comfortable leather sofa and opened my shorts. She returned about thirty minutes later with a smile on her face.My wife Ruth and I would never worry about money again.

There are allusions to sex, but no actual deive sex scenes.I was surprised and pleased when Ruth had told me that she wanted to take lessons.I was still a new member and almost totally unknown when I had played about two weeks ago. I’m usually more than happy to take Gary’s cast-offs.I had always enjoyed golf and had often closed a big deal on the course.It made sense that we join a country club once we had moved from New York to our new home in western Virginia.

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