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A special task force was assembled of King County detectives to investigate the Green River murders.According to The Seattle Times, it was the largest police task force ever assembled since the Ted Bundy murders less than a decade earlier.The girl had a pair of blue pants knotted around her neck.She also showed signs of a struggle, because she had bruises on her arms and legs. It was believed that she had been murdered within 24 hours of her discovery.As he peered into the clear waters his gaze was met by staring eyes.

He stopped them, told them of his gruesome discovery and asked them to get the police.

Unlike the other two girls, this one was found in a grassy area less than 30 feet from where the other victims lay in the water.

It was obvious that she had died from asphyxiation.

Her nude body had been found slumped over a log in the Green River. Just a month earlier, another young girl, identified as Wendy Lee Coffield, was found strangled and floating in the Green River.

Moreover, six months prior to Coffield's discovery, the body of her friend Leanne Wilcox was found several miles from the river in an empty lot.

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