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Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders defended the force's approach when asked about the shift Thursday."In policing, what we do is we follow the evidence and what I said at the time that I said (it) was accurate at that time," he said.Investigators working on the cases issued public reassurances, saying they had no reason to believe the two men were dead, nor that their absence had anything to do with a serial killer or predators targeting men through a dating app.In December, police warned people to be careful using dating apps."I think that we had every right to be afraid and nervous, but at the same time, the police need time to do their work," she said.Officers had been investigating Mc Arthur for months but could not make a "definitive link" to the disappearances until Wednesday, Idsinga said.Find more Latin Chat lines Try to chat with the hottest Latin Girls!Fono Chat is The Hottest place to meet Hispanics™ singles 18 years or older in your area.

Two gay men went missing and the circumstances around their disappearances were very suspect and so people were speculating about what had happened to these two guys," she said.

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Idsinga said police have a "pretty good idea" of how the men died but would not elaborate, citing the ongoing investigation. "We don't know what his exact relationship with Mr.

Mc Arthur had sexual relationships with both men and all three were on dating apps, he said. Esen was leading up to the (alleged) murder, whether he had just met him that day or whether he had known him for some time, we just don't know that yet." A separate project is probing the disappearance of three men who went missing from the same area between 20.

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