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These techniques, however, require prodigious amounts of persistence, time, money, and love.Though more than half a century has passed since Kanner and Asperger first gave a name to autism, there is still no known cause, no miracle drug, and no cure.In 1943, a child psychiatrist named Leo Kanner published a monograph outlining a curious set of behaviors he noticed in 11 children at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.A year later, a pediatrician in Vienna named Hans Asperger, who had never seen Kanner's work, published a paper describing four children who shared many of the same the most able, highly intelligent person with social impairment in its subtlest form as his only disability.It overlaps with learning disabilities and shades into eccentric normality."Asperger's notion of a continuum that embraces both smart, geeky kids like Nick and those with so-called classic or profound autism has been accepted by the medical establishment only in the last decade.Now it's understood to be much more common - perhaps 20 times more.But according to local authorities, the picture in California is particularly bleak in Santa Clara County.

As teenagers, they're prone to getting into trouble with teachers and other figures of authority, partly because the subtle cues that define societal hierarchies are invisible to them.And now, something dark and unsettling is happening in Silicon Valley.In the past decade, there has been a significant surge in the number of kids diagnosed with autism throughout California.In the taxonomy of autism, those with Asperger's syndrome have average - or even very high - IQs, while 70 percent of those with other autistic disorders suffer from mild to severe mental retardation. Once he gets out of junior high hell, it's not hard to imagine Nick creating a niche for himself in all his exuberant strangeness.One of the estimated 450,000 people in the US living with autism, Nick is more fortunate than most. At the less fortunate end of the spectrum are what diagnosticians call "profoundly affected" children.

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In the mid-'90s, this caseload started spiraling up.

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