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It is a bit of a rigmarole to set them up, but fine once they are programmed in.

I am writing a wee guide for this, if anybody interested.

Many thanks Apparently nothing has changed with your receiver nor the dish and LNB, but you can not be sure.

There are also the LNB-receiver connection issues (cable, distance, couplers, splitters...) and the obstacles between the satellite and the dish (like trees, buildings, awnings...).

Is there a french channel available on this satellite on which to watch the RWC cup final today, 31 october? Starting on June 1st you will be able to tune your television to the official Asteroid Day channel where for 24 hours on June 30th you will be able to watch Asteroid Day Live. thank you very much for your advise because I am sad to loose those 2 channels.

This page is about the FTA channels on satellites Astra 19,2º East. Can anyone give me the info I require elevation, azimuth etc I need to check where the dish should be pointing. In the days leading up to this we will broadcast a still image. greets, Speedy Hi, I have a Free Sat Receiver and trying to add some Free to air channels.

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