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Phrendly gives people what they want without all the pain.It's all about the flirty back-and-forth with no expectation of an IRL meetup. As the conversation progresses, the cash value of that drink is transferred to your account.Our solution is to ask for a small exchange with a real monetary value to filter out bozos on both sides.Scammers and time wasters won’t pay, which mean the recipient deals with thoughtful, interested people. She said that she missed me, would ask me what's up, and after awhile since my "drinks" had been refilled (not even sure how that worked) I wrote her back saying that if she truly missed me, she would give me her real number.This means the response is more likely to happen and will be higher quality, too. I apologized to the girl I was talking with and thanked her for her time and left as the free trial ran out. She gave me a fake one, and it was off to the races again.It’s win/win for both initiator and recipient (regardless of gender). I felt this time like I was in a Monty Python skit wherein she was going to use a fake phone number to keep the exchange going so that she again could be compensated.You'll earn money texting and chatting with guys (and if you want, talking to them on the phone). Lots of guys don't want to do more than that, for a variety of reasons.

While a lot of work-at-home jobs are phone-based, the Internet has opened up a new breed of customer service that does not require being on the phone.If you are among them, perhaps Phrendly is not for you.Recall, however, that Phrendly’s drinks are virtual and there is no expectation of an IRL meet up (geographical locations aren’t even collected, let alone published), so the main reason people don’t like to be treated on dates (an expectation of a quid pro quo of a physical nature) doesn’t apply. Certainly women will talk to you for free, some will even pay for drinks to talk to you, if you’re interesting to her.Your flirting has driven more than a few guys wild. Don't you wish you could earn money for your talents safely according to a schedule you set that didn't require you to dive into the world of adult entertainment? It's for people who like the "online" part of online dating.Enter Phrendly, where you can earn money while having fun flirting via your phone. Did you know that for a large number of men, the main value of dating sites is sending flirty messages back and forth?

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