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So, we start thinking that way about everything else in our lives—including new relationships.2. Publicists don’t land clients in national media outlets by sitting quietly.

Don’t take offense if she’s always “on.” She can’t help it. PR women are constantly on the lookout to make their clients’ images better, and it often spills over into their relationships.If you have a date lined up with a woman who works in PR, make sure you read this first.1.She constantly compares your relationship to client scenarios. While the day-to-day of a PR professional is unstructured, the onboarding of a new client is extremely structured.If you connect with her on Linked In, don’t be surprised when she gives you the numbers of five photographers who can take a better headshot for you.If she represents a cosmetic dentist and posts smile makeover photos all day on Instagram, don’t be shocked if she starts staring at your teeth during dinner and suddenly weaves Invisalign into the conversation.

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