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Ngayon, I will be establishing 8888, only for, dedicated to corruption.

In the gym clothes he favours these days, he appears fit and toned, although his body and head seem oddly elongated, with shoulders that slope downwards, making him look like a skittle.

Inexorably, our passion for life mellows into the contentment of security or hardens into the bitterness of failure." Blah blah your wanderlust is replaced by a videotape collection and a retirement plan bluh bloo welcome to the Introduction to The Autumn People .

Most C2C websites, such as e Bay, have both streamlined and globalized traditional person-to-person trading, which was usually conducted through such forms as garage sales, collectibles shows, flea markets and more, with their web interface.

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It may also include the use of a computer or any digital device.

Life becomes a matter of getting by, and our idealism is replaced by realism.

As pirates or astronauts, ballerinas or ninjas, we turn cardboard boxes into spaceships, backyards into desert islands, and treehouses into armoured forts.

So, in general Changeling gives you three different age categories for fae -- there are the precocious children full of wonder who can see the truths that those boring a-dults have long been blinded to (ages 3-13), magical fun-loving teens who burn bright with creativity and adventurous spirit (13-25), and the bitter, tired old folks barely staving off the cold grasp of spiritual death.

(no really the main rulebook says that the old ppl category starts at age 25 and most changelings' ~~faerie souls~~ don't make it past their late twenties) So yeah.

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Fantastic worlds are within our grasp, and fantastic creatures - like faeries, dragons, and monsters - seem like they're only a heartbeat away.

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