Gridview rowupdating event not firing c

Ok This is the settings: I use a Viewgrid with only itemtemplate colums for example. How can I get this to fire during the rowupdating event? Hi, I create a Gridview dynamically binding a Datatable as a datasource.

The ...dynamic updatepanel containing gridview control Hiya, Atlas is awesome. I've written a quick tutorial on my blog: am having somewhat of a challenge though. Can anyone offer help, or have you seen the problem yourself? Row Updating event not firing on update button click for Grid View Control Hi, I've viewed some of the other posts and although they come close to addressing my problem they still leave something lacking so here goes. Thanks in advance, Amanda Try something like Response. I create event handlers for the Row Editing, Row Updating and Row Cancelling Edit events.

I need change the value for a Label inside a Grid View programmatically.

My questions is _Row Created event fire BEFORE the Controls are rendered? protected void ux List Authors Displayer_Row Created(object sender, Grid View Row Event Args e) { int my Row Index = e.

All was workin fine b4 I added the Update Panel and Content Template.

Next event is the gridview rowediting event tonbsp.

Gridview rowediting event problem byte C the gridview fired event pageindexchanging which wasn39t 25 May C the event wasn39t gridview which pageindexchanging fired Gridview rowediting event problem..

I'm writing a custom control that will automatically wrap controls in an Update Panel dynamically at run-time. The Grid View control resides in a User Control which is referenced in an page that is housed inside a Master Page. Write(""); here are some snippets which helps to show error in messagebox. The Row Editing & Row Cancelling Edit work fine but the Row Updating event does not fire.

When I take a standard Grid View, bind it to a Data Table and dynamically wrap it in an Update Panel at run-time, the Row Updating event stops firing my handler. the View state is disabled because I need the the Grid View to be displayed even when there is no data.

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