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In semiarid regions, the recharge is irregular and occurs only in the periods of heavy rainfall.In humid regions, recharge is mainly in the winter period.With respect to groundwater quality, climate change is likely to have a strong impact on coastal saltwater intrusion as well as on salinization of groundwater.For two small and flat coral islands off the coast of India, computed the impact of sea level rise on the thickness of the freshwater lenses.In the summer period, most of the rainfall becomes soil moisture and evaporates.

The Noble Gas lab contains two mass spectrometer system capable of precise isotopic measurements of the noble gases as well as most other common atmospheric gases.With a sea level rise of only 0.1 m, the thickness of the freshwater lens decreased from 25 to 10 m for the first island and from 36 to 28 ).For many semiarid areas, a decrease in precipitation is projected and enhanced ET in the warmer world might cause a salinization of groundwater.During the hotter summers, however, there might be increased ET in particular if the groundwater table is close to the land surface.Using a coupled groundwater and soil model for a groundwater basin in Belgium, leads to a drop in the groundwater table, which can have a negative impact on vegetation.

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