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This is basically a plea by Chet Simpson, the creator or ytunnel begging for improvements in its chat rooms.--Ben414 , 27 August 2007 (UTC) The article is incomplete saying that they can send a message, and somehow exploit vulnerabilities to give you a virus even if you didn't click on anything.Certainly a major event, knocked out virtually all of Yahoo's dedicated roleplaying community. I'd suggest tying it into the abandon-ware Yahoo Messenger for non-windows users but I don't want to make it seem shrill.The reason why it happened is the continued tight integration with Microsoft.Even today some dlls on windows have pager name in them.There was a valid reason (according to Yahoo) why they knocked out the create custom rooms.It turned out that the servers for the legacy clients were finally shut down sometime between the mid-morning & early afternoon hours east coast time on September 1, 2016, resulting in the legacy desktop clients no longer being able to access their buddy/contact lists." I installed Yahoo! Now, besides releasing it as a desktop client, Yahoo has chosen to have the new messenger accessible from both the Yahoo Mail interface at, as well as through a web messenger interface at https://messenger.Those two connect to the sever for the new messenger.

Its slanderous to make it sound like it is still going on, if they haven't had a problem in five years.

Non-Windows users are not good enough to look at our ads seems to be a strange way to run a business, but so it goes.

In the old days (1998-1999) messenger was called "yahoo pager".

Their reasoning was this: Many users (many underage users) were creating pornographic custom rooms.

These rooms were displaying advertising from virtually all major corporations that paid for advertising on Yahoo.

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As a consequence of dropping Java chats, non-Windows users cannot participate in group chats.

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