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From what you said in the beginning about him, I would move on.

I don't think he is looking for what you are looking for.

I met my boyfriend online, and we chatted on IM for a few weeks before we met.

I was expecting someone who was academic, quiet and quirky, but in person he's actually very personable, talkative and outgoing. So guess I shouldn't even initiate contact with him again right since we last communicated was via text and it's been 2 days.

Well have you talked to him about getting together again? We dont chat/email each other every day but I take it its perhaps still early, but does it also indicate that hes not that into me now that I told him I needed more time? This sounds so much like the (overwhelmingly male) who is online mostly because he just isn't brave enough to talk to women in real life and be entirely comfortable doing so. dump him because he just doesn't have enough boldness and self-assurance to express himself suitably while in your midst.

General rule of thumb is not to initiate contact all the time, but then again don't make things too complicated by overthinking things. we met, he was sweet, we just talked and held hands and he never seemed to be trying to take advantage of me when he could, but once online he seems to be totally different from the cool, shy guy I met in person, he just appears.. (***this does NOT mean he should be propositioning you in person, but IF he is indicating via his online persona that he's online and that he doesn't/can't walk the walk in person, then you can simply do better) (This is exactly the sort of a guy who is on the net asking the unimaginative questions of women like "what color underwear are you wearing?

The more you chat (distance not face to face) before you are a serious couple, the more their brain puts you as friend. Then, it would just be a matter of whether that consistency was/is compatible.

If a guy wants to get to know you more, they wouldn't bring up sex unless they're after it in the first place.With him they want to get physical, with everyone else they want to chat endlessly.Most men never figure that out, I figured it out only recently. If he was consistent, one way or another, I'd be less concerned.I may be a rules girl as somehow I think if he's really interested in me he would have been in contact with me more frequently than that but perhaps every guy/gal/situation is [email protected] - actually on the other hand I contradict myself as I also seem to agree with you that afterall we just met and deep down I feel I need to get to know him more, which I told him and he seemed to be fine saying he's fine and he won't push..

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Sitting here on the couch with the cat typing on a laptop is much 'lazier' than getting spiffed and getting out on a real date. Don't let the guy follow the path of least resistance; or, at minimum show him that such a path leads to a dearth of your presence.

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