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This might come as a shock, but only 11 percent of people asked said they met their hookup partner online, compared to the 18 percent of people who said they met at a bar.

It's also worth nothing that 12 percent found a hookup at work, and another 10 percent at school.

Round of applause for those in a relationship who get to have sex regularly and are therefore skewing this number!

33 percent of people said they have sex once or twice a week, while 17 percent said they had sex "seldom or never." That's pretty depressing, IMHO, but it's still promising that the average person gets laid about twice a week.

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Here's a breakdown: 12 percent had only one partner; 24 percent had between two and five; 23 percent had between 6 and 10; 21 percent had between 11 and 25; 11 percent had between 26 and 50; and a whopping nine percent had more than 50 partners.7.3 minutes, to be exact.Like it or not, casual sex isn't going anywhere, and it's about time we stop shaming people for their own personal, sexual decisions.Here are nine other facts from Adam & Eve about what Americans are doing between the sheets — it seems like we're DTF, even if we don't have a BF or GF.Obviously, there's nothing wrong with having a one-night-stand: Sex is fun, and as long as it's safe and consensual, there's no reason not to enjoy a romp in the sheets with a rando.Nine percent of people have actually had more than twenty one-night-stands, which is actually pretty impressive if you stop to think about it.

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This might come as a shock, but all those college kids who seem to only want to get their rocks off?

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