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Helena decides to go in a different direction with a new tactic that will surely shake the unruly girl's world.

There's nothing quite like going for a truly invigorating gallop across the beautiful English countryside with my Stallion. Tags: Ass Smothering, Face Sitting, Asian Goddess, Bondage, Breath Play, Female Domination, Female Supremacy, Mask, Tape Bondage, Download: Domina_FACESITTING_BONDAGE_saf_2.mp4 Rubber maids wank competition part 2 | 243 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Which of the rubber maids is the naughiest? Your little girl Claire Black is already up and has your coffee served. She knows you're a foot guy and she's really enjoyed the foot things you've done before.

Unfortunately this backfires as Claire seems to actually enjoy the punishment.

She squirms and moans in a manner suggesting she wants more of the same.

Edyn still has tons of energy from her date and she can't stop bouncing and shaking her big ass while she sits, rubbing her rough jean shorts against the slave's battered nose.

"I think the last time I had that much on any day was when I made you sign everything over to me!

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