How to skip backup when updating iphone ios 5

This almost always resolves the slow backup problem, but if you don’t have anything to restore to then you will have a completely blank i Phone with nothing on it.There are some suggestions that restoring the i Phone is necessary when there has been a filesystem corruption, which can lead to extremely slow backup speeds and other strange behavior.

Just start the i Phone OS 4.0 install and backup process and let it run while you sleep, you will wake up to the new OS4 being installed and you will have made a recent backup, which will speed up future backups and installations as well.

Allowing too much time to pass between backups can really increase the amount of time necessary to backup your i Phone.

Try to keep regular backups of your i Phone, just get in a habit of making one full backup once or twice a month.

Old apps aren’t the only thing that can slow down backups, so can media.

We already discussed deleting photos from your i Phone and the big improvement that makes in backup speed, but deleting other media can help too.

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If you find yourself never listening to some ancient albums, or watching those old TV shows you copied over 8 months ago, just go ahead and delete them from the i Phone.

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