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The first Hungarian standard for the breed was written in 1885.A flock guardian dog breed with a heavily corded coat, similar to the Komondor, but usually black instead of white.

In the 14th century secular literature developed and literary forms were introduced from abroad.

Sylvester published the first Hungarian grammar and, to show the adaptability of the vernacular to classical verse forms, wrote the first Hungarian poem in couplets.

In 1541 he published a translation of the New Testament.

No written evidence remains of the earliest Hungarian literature, but through Hungarian folktales and folk songs elements have survived that can be traced back to pagan times.

Also extant, although only in Latin and dating from between the 11th and 14th centuries, are shortened versions of some Hungarian legends relating the origins of the Hungarian people and episodes from the conquest of Hungary and from the Hungarian campaigns of the 10th century.

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Hungarian dog breeds include flock guards and herding dog breeds, such as the Kuvasz, Komondor, Puli; pointers, such as the smooth-coated and wire-haired Vizslas; scenthounds and sighthounds, such as the Erdelyi Kopo and Magyar Agar, as well as two smaller dog breeds, the Mudi, and Pumi.

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