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He was always so much more intellectual than say The Craddocks, and much more witty than say Marguerite Patten. 1 The Craft of Cooking (Apr 19th 1964, the series repeated starting from Sept 26th 1965) 2 How Heat is Applied to Food (Apr 26th 1964) 4 The Cooking of Flesh Foods part 1 (May 10th 1964) 5 The Cooking of Flesh Foods part 2 (May 17th 1964) how to grills teaks, fry fish and prepare a 'Harben special' 6 The Cooking of Flesh Foods part 3 (May 24th 1964) how to get the best out of tough joints, and how to make the perfect steak and kidney pudding 7 Things Made With Flour 1 (May 31st 1964)- good home-made bread and pastry 8 Things Made With Flour 2 (June 7th 1964)- better pudding, Yorkshire Pudding, cakes and pancakes 9 Things Made With Flour 3 (June 14th 1964)- sponge cakes and eclairs, whipped cream filling and sugar icing 10 The Thickening of Liquids (June 21st 1964) - smooth white sauce, creamy pea soup, mixing mayonnaise 11 Deep Frying (June 28th 1964)- fish and chips 13 Dishing Up and Carving (July 12th 1964) Following the repeat of series one, a second series commenced, titles become ever more idiosyncratic: 15 The Stew (Jan 16th 1966) 16 Bread (Jan 23rd 1966) 17 Egg Liaison (Jan 30th 1966) 18 The Three Faces of Meringue (Feb 6th 1966) 19 Rice for Everyone (Feb 13th 1966) 20 Pancake's Progress (Feb 20th 1966) Chicken Saute a la Marengo, Baked Ice Cream (date? Headway (1963/4, ABC) Sunday Session was a three month experiment in adult education, the Independent Television attempt on Sunday mornings to try and make learning fun. A semi-regular was John Nettleton as Professor Alec Ritchie. With Nigel Stock, Daphne Anderson, Peter Barkworth, Madeleine Mills and Eleanor Summerfield. With newly operational ABC producing the networked Film Fanfare from February that year, ATV continued their own programme in the Midlands area only, entitled Midland Movie Magazine beginning on Wednesday February 22nd 1956 from 10.30-10.45pm, with John Fitzgerald again presenting, and Cecil Petty producing. From June that year, TV Times announced the subject of each programme: Barbara Stanwyck (June 3rd), Mr Magoo (June 17th), John Mills (Aug 5th)- TV Times included a photo from The Baby and the Battleship, Kenneth More (Sept 2nd), John Wayne (Sept 23rd), Alastair Sim (Oct 14th), George Cole (Oct 21st), Rossano Brazzi (Nov 18th), Joan Crawford (Dec 9th), Abbott and Costello (Dec 16th), Gregory Peck (Dec 23rd), William Holden (Dec 30th), Ernest Borgnine (Jan 6th 1957), Glynis Johns (Jan 13th), Broderick Crawford (Jan 20th), Orson Welles (Jan 27th), Michael Wilding (Mar 3rd), Ingrid Bergman (Apr 14th).) 23 Not So Plain Potatoes (Mar 13th 1966) 25 The Glories of Puff Paste (Mar 27th 1966) Below for more of these programmes. Headway was an umbrella title for some of ABC's early contributions to the programmes, some were shortly afterwards repeated early on Sunday afternoons. The series was not networked, but transmitted in other ITV regions on different dates, shown here are ABC (Midlands/North) premieres. Was it simply a new job, a strange place, new faces? A seance is held, a wish is granted, the marriage vow takes on a new significance. The last edition was around about Wed April 25th 1956 menu of ITV film shows ........ The series appeared irregularly during 1957 as A-R had begun their own offering on films menu of ITV film shows ........Excerpts included Pal Joey, Gangsters (Feb 5th 1958)- including clips from Young Girls Beware, Baby Face Nelson (series: Spotlight) Walt Disney Feature Films (Feb 12th)- clips from Treasure Island, Twenty Thousand Leagues, Robin Hood, Johnny Tremaine Jack Cardiff (Feb 26th)- incl Pandora, African Queen, War and Peace, The Brave One Peter Cushing (Mar 19th) Virginia Mc Kenna and Kenneth More (Mar 26th)- talking to Daniel M Angel, clips- Carve Her Name With Pride, Reach for the Sky Rising Stars (Apr 2nd)- those who began their acting as children but are now "well on the way to stardom." incl June Archer "in the studio," and a scene from Innocent Sinners (series: Spotlight) Laurence Harvey (Apr 9th)- incl extracts from The Silent Enemy.Director: Jim Pople Sir Michael Balcon (May 21st)- talking to Mc Donald Hobley incl The Blue Lamp, The Lavender Hill Mob, Dunkirk Richard Todd (May 28th)- introduced by Mc Donald Hobley who talks in the studio to Richard Todd.

In late September 1956 Film Fanfare 'Second Edition' began, now half an hour on Saturdays at 10.15pm. More information is needed, but it began on Sunday April 9th 1961, presented by Jimmy Nairn. The programmes focused on film stars and included clips from their movies, the usual format.

Script: Anthony Quinton with (from programme 3) additional material by Dick Sharples and Gerald Kelsey. 1 Introductory (Apr 21st 1963 the series was repeated in the ABC region during summer 1967) 2 The Snares of Rhetoric (Apr 28th 1963) 3 The Appeal of Irrelevance (May 5th 1963) With Peter Copley, Annette Crosbie, Roger Delgado, Clive Marshall 4 Irrelevance (May 12th 1963) With Donald Burton, Roger Delgado, Keith Pyott, and Sheila Raynor 5 Ambiguity (May 19th 1963). 7 Half-Time Score (Mar 3rd 1963) Director: Roy Battersby 8 The Language of Literature (Mar 10th 1963) 9 Take a Message (Mar 17th 1963) now introduced by Robert Kee 12 Is There a Standard English? 4 Take Notice (Feb 10th 1963, rpt Feb 2nd 1964) with Jimmy Thompson, Rose Hill, Rex Garner, Denise Shaune, Geoffrey Matthews. 1 Green and Pleasant Land (Apr 21st 1963, series repeated starting Apr 19th 1964) - the Buchanan Report 2 Arcadia for All (Apr 28th 1963) 3 Close Company (May 5th 1963) 4 Balanced Community (May 12th 1963) 5 Balanced Town (May 19th 1963) 6 Supermarket and Corner Store (May 26th 1963) 7 The Heart of the City (June 2nd 1963) 8 Urban Rat and Urban Renewal (June 9th 1963) 9 Paralysis and Anaemia (June 16th 1963) 10 The Sprawling Giants (June 23rd 1963) 11 The Open Air Factory (June 30th 1963) 12 Social Engineering (July 7th 1963) - six suburbs in search of a city or the realisation of the Green Dream? By midnight on a July night, the last and greatest of the Black Miracles of Derva will be accomplished. ITV's contribution was fascinating because several companies exploited their connections with the industry.

With Clemence Bettany, Annette Crosbie, Tony Garnett, Robert Rietty 8 The Syllogism (June 9th 1963) with Margaret Ashcroft, Geoffrey Lewis, Morris Perry, Colette Wilde 9 Compound Statements (June 16th 1963) with Janet Brandes, Rex Garner, David graham, Pamela Selden 10 Analogy (June 23th 1963) with Annette Crosbie, Hugh David, Paul Martin, Erica Rogers 11 Cause and Induction (June 30th 1963) with Margaret Ashcroft, Bruce Beeby, Brenda Dunrich, Tony Garnett 12 Probability (July 7th 1963) with Annette Crosbie, Hugh David, Jimmy Thompson, Wendy Williams 13 Conclusion (July 14th 1963) with Donald Burton, Rex Garner, Fiona Hartford, Helen Lindsay Auto-Mechanics- Hugh David introduces a practical series to help the owner-driver understand how his car works, carry out routine maintenance, and diagnose and cure simple faults. With Ian Kenny 13 Fault Finding (Dec 22nd 1963) with Ian Kenny After the repeat of the first service, a further series began. Presented by tv's first celebrity chef Philip Harben. Director: Tom Clegg 2.26 Society v Education (Apr 12th 1964) Director: Ted Childs Third series on early Sunday afternoons was titled 'The Law is Yours,' hosted by Jack de Manio. Haunted (ABC) A young philosophy lecturer at a new Midands University, Michael West (Patrick Mower), investigates the supernatural. With Avis Bunnage (Margaret Rowley), Jack Woolgar, Ronald Lacey, Charles Lloyd Pack. Across the years a chill wind strums its tragic echo of the past. The story of Marjorie, whose ghost haunts an empty house. Why should anyone be terrified of a Chinese girl in Kew Gardens? "News and scenes from popular films." TV Times did not indicate the content.

Box Office ABC's second series about feature films was shown on Sunday nights 10.30-11pm, commencing in April 1957, introduced by Peter West. , Davy Crockett and the River Pirates Apr 28th- Their Secret Affair, Doctor At Large, The Tattered Dress May 12th- Time Without Pity, 10,000 Bedrooms, Guns of Fort Petticoat, Man Afraid May 26th- The Wings of Eagles, Drango, Funny Face June 2nd- Stampeded, That Woman Opposite, The Oklahoman, The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown, The Steel Bayonet June 9th- Designing Woman, Valerie, Boy On A Dolphin, Shadow on the Window June 22nd (new timing Saturday 11.35- midnight)- The Unholy Wife, The Way To The Gold, The Tommy Steele Story June 29th- This Could be The Night, The River's Edge. New director: Eddie Kebbell July 6th- Carry On Admiral, The Vintage, The Happy Road, China Gate July 13th- Something of Value, How To Murder a Rich Uncle, The Lonely Man, The Woman and the Hunter.

"Presented in co-operation with all the companies in the film industry." Certainly they were usually ahead of the competition in showing the first clips on tv of some films. Peter West returned, Fulford Brown producer July 20th- The Admirable Crichton, Let's Be Happy, The Bachelor Party, Monkey On My Back Aug 3rd- The Teahouse of the August Moon, Sweet Smell of Success, Miracle in Soho, Heaven Knows Mr Allison Aug 10th- Beau James, 3.10 to Yuma, The Brothers Rico.

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Mc Donald Hobley was back as the host, Peter Noble ran the quiz with "a guest star" while Joy Webster kept the score. Programmes included: John Mills with clips of The Singer and The Song, Doris Day (Midnight Lace), and Peter Finch (No Love for Johnny).

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