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In the 80s, a black woman might have dated a white guy for semi 'security' reasons and have had to tolerate abuse, either physical or racial or both.I can imagine in those circumstances, relatives or friends exacting revenge on her behalf.Not had any racism from the family but I’ve had a British dude harass me for ‘fucking a p**i’ and, since we live in Texas and my husband is brown, everyone assumes he is Mexican and tries speaking to him in Spanish.” - rebel_nature “My girlfriend in high school was black. The only time we ever heard anything blatantly racist was when we were on a date in the ‘big city’ and a crusty old black guy told us what he thought of our relationship.He shook his head at us and said: ‘You shouldn’t be together’ as he walked past.At first it really hurt us both, especially him (nicest gentleman ever), but we eventually just laughed at people’s offensive comments and repeated them back like a joke.

“They all said: ‘He will make you convert to Islam. If you have kids with him, he’ll take them away to the Middle East. He will beat/abuse you.’ “We dealt with it by laughing at it.

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I dated a nurse from Sierra Leone back in the mid 80s and didn't get any problems although one elderly black female at the local bus depot looked like she was spitting feathers!!

From ignorant comments from family to abuse from strangers on the street, here are their heartbreaking, infuriating and downright ridiculous stories.

“I’m a white man who is marrying a biracial man (his father was black, his mother is white) this summer.

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