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A poll book for electing the assistant overseer of the poor for the parish of St Chad’s lists 30 women who took an active part in the election. Thanks to the oddities of Victorian voting law, one rich woman was allowed to vote four separate times.

Of course, it’s one thing to vote on a local matter and another thing entirely to influence a national government. A law in Manchester had just been passed to give all ratepayers the vote, but lawmakers forgot to exclude women.

The 19th Amendment gave all US women the right to vote, while the UK begrudgingly opened up voting to any woman over the age of 30.

These rights weren’t quite as newfangled as they may have appeared, however.

In London, one of the city’s iconic blue plaques is hoisted on the outside of a Barclay’s bank.

Not only had the characters kissed onscreen, but it was clear within the narrative that they also had sex.

Interestingly, British reviewers focused more on the scene’s class aspect.

This 1962 kiss wasn’t the chaste brushing of lips that viewers got with ITV’s later show.

It was a full-blown, steamy make-out session that dissolved into a post-coital smoke.

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However, there’s some evidence that Shepherd-Barron was beaten to this, too.

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