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Messaging on i Phone is also only encrypted between two i Phone users, so texting Android users will revert messages to unencrypted SMS.

Apple had a standoff with law enforcement over equipping devices with so-called “back doors” to enable them to access user information.

However, Weinstein said the only sure way for users to prevent this is to unplug the TV completely when it is not being used — or avoid buying smart TVs at all. (The CIA declined a request for comment.) To be clear, the techniques released in these documents are “very targeted,” said Sydney, Australia-based security researcher Troy Hunt. A new round of documents regarding government surveillance was unveiled by Wiki Leaks on Tuesday, alleging that the Central Intelligence Agency hacks smartphones, computers and connected TVs to spy on American citizens and others around the world.While the Wiki Leaks allegations center on government surveillance, Weinstein said, they are contributing to an awareness of how often we are watched in places that were once private, like the living room.“This is a lot bigger than ‘I have nothing to hide,’” Weinstein said.

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A simple, cheap way to put a stop to this is to cover the camera with electrical tape or a Post-it Note.

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  1. Although the contact is consensual, South Dakota law prohibits sexual contact between an adult (someone 18 or older) and a minor (someone younger than 18), even if the sex is consensual.