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As Bent-Goodley told me, “While domestic violence impacts all communities, black women are further burdened with the fear of going to the police and the courts because they don’t want to turn black men over to the criminal justice system.

They don’t want to bring shame to the community and they don’t want others to think negatively about them and about black men because they have the added dimension of racism and discrimination to contend with.

He then went on to explain how their relationship developed, months before their first duet performance at the MTV Music Awards. ” Brown later explains that when they started dating, they didn’t feel the need to tell anyone about it – but rather let people figure it out naturally.

“I remember staying over her house and I was just like, ‘Man, what are we doing? And I was like, ‘I am always over here and we like each other obviously, let’s just do it…Let’s just be boyfriend and girlfriend…’.” He reportedly continues to describe her shock at what he said. I don’t think you want to do that…You ain’t ready…’And I was like, ‘I am, I am ready for real…I think I love you! The rest is now history, with Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship coming to a dramatic end after he was charged for assaulting her in 2009.

We need more courageous people to stand against domestic violence.” Bent-Goodley asserts that what we see with Rihanna and Brown and in numerous incidents of domestic violence is not just one issue, but a combination of many factors.

Stigma, not wanting to be associated with domestic violence, fear of losing social stature, cultural beliefs that physical abuse is a normal part of being in a relationship, and romanticizing what your relationship used to be versus what it actually is and whatever is actually going on internally with the individual who has been victimized that leads them to stay (or go back to an abuser), are just some of the many issues we must look at as a nation in order to halt this crime.

and if he don’t have me, he won’t have anybody else.” Maybe what we need to teach our daughters and sons is that not only is this everyone’s business, the key to happiness is loving yourself first. Bernard is the president & CEO of the Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Caroline Phinney Just a week and a half ago, G-Easy and Halsey broke up in a (characteristically messy) public Instagram meltdown. Let's work through this word problem together: If Witness sold fewer than 1 million copies worldwide and only 266,300 attended her world tour, who are the extra 106 million people following her on Twitter? Justin Bieber got engaged to professional friend-of-Jenner Hailey Baldwin, and Selena Gomez is getting back at him by…dating a cleaner-cut version of him at age 15? Sadly, even though Gerald once said if Halsey caught him cheating, "she'd cut my dick off," his dick is still presumably intact because he was spotted holding hands while walking out of a Hollywood nightclub with Demi… First, we have to be an example to our daughters to maintain relationships in the home characterized by mutual respect and affection.No man is worthy to take away our peace of mind or distress us on a regular basis.

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  1. A recent show was themed around fierce women, particularly the single ones. No subject is taboo on the Tyra’s show and she proves it by discussing discrimination, sexuality, as well as racial issues and even obesity.