Is james lafferty dating anyone

James also appeared in the movies including A Season on the Brink, Get Real, Boston Public as well as in Donnie Darko.

James Lafferty's total net worth is estimated to be around million dollars.

When it comes to Park, it's pretty obvious that Austen is extremely close to her.

They sound more like best friends than anything else, and try to make sure everyone knows that fact. News if they were dating in real life, Austen and Park denied all romance rumors with an adamant, "No!

And, further more, it does seem that they both Park and Austen are currently single.

First off, let's look at their individual love lives before we dive into any chances of them dating each other in real life.

In mid-2015, Park was rumored to be dating Luke Cheadle after some compelling social media posts of them together.

Lafferty, 31 and yet unmarried, is one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, by all accounts. The relationship endured only a year when James came to public his breakup with his girlfriend, Bush.Soon James found his love and started dating actress Eve Hewson since 2010.Since a certain pair of actors have incredible chemistry on the The Royals, many fans are still wondering if Alexander Park and Tom Austen are actually dating?'Shipping fictional characters has been a thing in film and television for a while now, but fans have trouble separating onscreen chemistry with real life — especially when it comes to Park and Austen.

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The One Tree Hill famed actor’s love life might be a hotter topic than his acting career.

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