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Watch Video: Watch ' Westworld' Panel at Tribeca Film Festival Awkwardly End Right After Cringeworthy Fan Question" data-reactid="17"Watch Video: Watch 'Westworld' Panel at Tribeca Film Festival Awkwardly End Right After Cringeworthy Fan Question Boyd has put together a solid team for his feature debut, in which a range of well-chosen locations are shot with crisp precision by Martim Vian.All the actors are pros, and every character is likely to remind you of someone you’ve vaguely known. Like the others, he has one primary trait (insecurity, in his case), but Gibson fleshes him out enough to engage us in his feelings.More interesting are Hallie’s cousin Willa (Dree Hemingway, “Starlet”) and Owen’s best friend Matt (Patrick Gibson, “The OA”).Willa is, we’re repeatedly told, a blonde goddess who is far too good for the slightly goofy, inexperienced Matt.A neat-and-tidy romantic comedy dedicated to capturing the messy reality of modern dating, Sam Boyd’s Los Angeles-set “In a Relationship” suggests what “La La Land” might have been if you took away the retro-chic musical numbers and sparkly, soda-fizz chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, leaving only commitment-phobic white people looking for connection in a city where there’s always something better around the corner.Though unlikely to land more than a day-and-date VOD release (or Netflix, if they’re lucky), the movie is much funnier than the vast majority of indie comedies, serving as a great audition piece for a career of sitcom directing.We’re meant to understand exactly who Willa and Matt are when she orders a vodka water, and he requests “the lightest beer you have.”Also Read: Gilda Radner Documentary ' Love, Gilda' to Open Tribeca Film Festival" data-reactid="21"Also Read: Gilda Radner Documentary 'Love, Gilda' to Open Tribeca Film Festival But if Boyd’s perspective is limited, his focus is sharp.Most of all, the movie represents that post-collegiate period in which you’re still Figuring Stuff Out.

They fight all the time and don’t seem to share anything other than their own relationship.While Boyd expanded the movie from a short film, he has left some important elements out of his script.It would have helped if we knew the characters’ back stories, or family histories, or even just more about their inner lives.Finally, after Owen rejects the idea of living together one too many times, Hallie decides to give him his space.On the opposite extreme, there’s Matt (Patrick Gibson), a doofy romantic who can still keep track of how many partners he’s had, and Willa (Dree Hemingway), Hallie’s man-eating cousin, who has long since lost count of her conquests.

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Producers: Jorge Garcia Castro, David Hunter, Ross Putman.

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