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And the two pics lower right show a really quiet Sosua Beach last Sat. Our ever loyal single guy weekend crowd are the only ones showing up.

Maybe you should really think about investing in a new nightclub.

Yet another formerly booming Sosua business in trouble? Leduc AB, Mosbach GR., Milan Italy, Burlange Sweden. Shut down bars and restaurants and piles of trash on the streets.

Welcome to the Party Moscow Russia Oxnard CA, Longuevil QB, Lumberton NJ, Urumqi China, and as always Jamaica, NY, Montreal, FT Lauderdale, Richmond VA, Chicago, Boston, Oshwa ON, Beijing, Zizers Switzerland, Balashika Russia, Kenneshaw GA, Calgary AB, Bramont ON, Ottawa ON, Innis Falls AB, Hampstead UK, Le Pontet FR, Tianjin China.

Sosua is a legendary party town known for its lively nightlife, bars and discos. The middle pic shows this part of the Beach when healthy. This area and the areas back under the trees will have to hold the majority of the normal 8,000 to 10,000 partiers on Saturday.

is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and is lined with close to 150 bars and restaurants. We never hear of any charities going into bad or dangerous areas. The other three pics show severe erosion creeping into the normally wide middle areas of the Beach..

As long as this law is in place wages will remain low. Or be like many here, learn skills and start a business. We cant help think about a well known Sosua restaurant owner fired an employee and had to pay out 45,000RD or at the time US00.

And the school system already runs these types of programs to get people caught up to speed. The water is gin clear and is famous for scuba, snorkeling or just sitting back and having a cold on a Sunday afternoon. But the Semana Saturday Beach Party will go on and draw a record crowd. The beer and rum will be flowing and the music blasting. Sosua also stirs up a huge amount of controversy which keeps us busy trying to keep up. COM, The public schools do a great job of teaching Reading, Writing and Math. All seemed normal until two very angry Dominican men came into the bar. There is some construction started see pic above left.

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