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Some vital statistics offices do allow you to expedite your requests.

You can request your certificates from Italy (through ICGS) and from your state or province (through the appropriate authority) simultaneously, allowing the waiting periods to overlap.

If you are a citizen of any other country, ICGS strongly recommends you verify this with the nearest Italian authority.

Services for people who seek visa or immigration information are undertaken by a particular country's Italian embassy and consulates.

Visit the website of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs at contact the Italian embassy and consulates in your country for more information.

Assuming you start the process today, it generally takes 6 to 8 weeks for ICGS to obtain your ancestor's birth, marriage or death certificate.

The time it takes to procure birth, marriage and death certificates in your state or province varies, but in one case it took the state of California five months to respond to ten certificate requests.

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