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JDP: The biggest difference between the two shows is that I think Fact or Faked has a more scientific approach with our experiments and such in tackling these cases, On the other hand, Destination Truth has this travelogue aspect where we're headed to really remote places around the world and having this adventure in the process and doing things such as rappelling down mountain cliffs and crossing waterfalls.

With Destination Truth we were running around places like the Amazon at in the morning and there's always the possibility of animals that could be out there.

In the mid-season premiere, “UFO Crash Landing/Graveyard Ghost,” Ben, Jael and Devin trek to the deserts of New Mexico and the top secret Area 51 to check out video footage of reported extraterrestrial activity.It wasn’t crucial to be at that particular place in order to carry out the experiments we did.We went there more to take in where the events took place and get a sense of all that.Jael, I'm sure you guys have many opportunities to investigate UFOs.What made that one stand out or why did you guys select to do that one?

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