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If they can find love with each other, I think that would be a great thing. We both have big hearts and are not afraid to be who we are and say what we feel.You admitted that Winona would occasionally get on your nerves. It’s ultimately what I came to love in our working relationship —that we could have all these complicated feelings. And we knew what each other’s limitations were, what each other’s weaknesses were, and that would come out in the work. You also worked with Winona’s ex, Johnny Depp, in . Johnny is a lovely guy, but I only had one scene with him. Are you aware that viewers were commenting on your rear end? And there's a big thing about “Hopper Butt.” I’ve never really thought of my butt in general, but I am pleased that people are excited about it. And I appreciate the fact that people like that and aren’t disgusted by the fact that I have a belly and love handles. Does that mean I get to hibernate for six months of the year? There's a trend of actors getting ridiculously ripped for roles, but you clearly decided to flaunt it to embody this hard-drinking cop in small town America.One final question: Why couldn’t you save Barb, too?That's the big question and it is Hopper’s greatest regret.

See more » During the rather important kitchen sink conversations after the family holiday dinner, a props tag is plainly visible on a dish's underside. All those Lucas-Spielberg movies —I don’t know if it was because I was younger or if the movies were interested in something different.Heath and Jake’s characters enjoy a lengthy courtship before they ever get involved physically, but you have one tiny, brief window of opportunity on a park bench to seduce Jake.We were all interested in that, but we didn’t have time for it —we were still searching for the kid.If we do come back for a second season, then I would really like to see that happen only because they’re both such lost, broken people. I'm an annoying person to be around for long periods of times.

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