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Usually it’s “I love ” or “a Jake Gyllenhaal newsletter? It’s all call and no response, dozens of unanswered questions, like “Do you find consolation in a person? “Just once, I wish Jake would find a way to communicate with me in a code that I could prove,” I complained.

Investing time in a character or celebrity can feel like investing time in a relationship, even if we don’t actually know these people.

But my tiny, lovely subscriber base — made up partly of friends, family members, and co-workers — included about a dozen Jake Gyllenhaal fans who wanted to correspond about Jake.

He is his own thing, and a figment of my imagination.

He is a person, but I made him up.” At its peak, the Jake Gyllenhaal newsletter had only 126 subscribers.

Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out if this is tax deductible.

Once in a while, it occurred to me that my fandom constituted labor — sifting through Google News alerts, transcribing lengthy interviews, writing film criticism, and cordoning off half of my Saturday to think about Jake G — and that I was usually paying for the privilege of performing it.

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  1. He told me hes not good enough for me because of his mental issues but i reassured him that im ready for whatever comes our way. What are the odds of him having a real relationship with his issues?

  2. Jehovah really did open His hands and He has now blessed our relationship! Keep Jehovah in the forefront, be upfront, honest and sincere about your prayers and Jehovah can and will bless you!