Jamie chung and bryan greenberg dating

But the beautiful tonight, playing a woman named Channing who's tasked with protecting a little girl with special powers. The advice that we were given from a lot of our friends was to enjoy this time. We met multiple times but it was never the right time until we finally clicked.

And most exciting of all, late in 2013, she became engaged to longtime love Bryan Greenberg, 35, (). We decided there's no rush, and we have so many of our friends getting married this year. Your Tango: What's the key to keeping your relationship strong and happy?

I was kind of nervous about working with him, but we get along so well and we always help each other throughout projects.

It's always really nice to have a second opinion from someone you really trust. Jamie Chung: I think it would be really disappointing to leave the audience with this giant question mark. I am committed to this show but I don't think that door is shut.

So it’s always fun.” Despite getting ready to guest star on “Gotham,” the actress has found a balance between her career and her marriage.

“The time we do spend together is a bit more precious, so we’re more aware of the time that we do have and we make the most of it,” she said, adding that it “requires a lot of communicating and being sensitive to each other’s feelings.” During the event Chung was spotted in a VIP area having a dance party with actresses Malin Akerman, Arielle Kebbel and Emmanuelle Chriqui while “Orange Is the New Black” star Taryn Manning DJ’ed the event.

Your Tango: As busy as you are, how do you balance everything?

Jamie Chung: It's finding the juggle line of what's business and what's personal. Yes, work is a priority but ultimately my relationship is the No.

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He goes above and beyond when it comes to thinking of what I might need.

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“Aside from that, we don’t really have anything planned.” The group will be on Oahu.

Despite the craziness that can happen when that many family members come together, Chung, 33, isn’t too worried.

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