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Jeffree was born on 15th November, 1985 which makes him 30 years old.He resides in the city of Calabasas in the county of Los Angeles, California.Your attractions are there, regardless of your personality.It’s devastating to watch many members of the LGBT community bring this up; we all understand how horrible it is to be forced into a box by society around us and doing it to other people is tragic.This isn’t particularly secret – he regularly uses the Calabasas geo-filter on his Snapchat (username ' Jeffree Dahmer').Back in the early 2000s, during the peak of My Space, Jeffree Star reigned supreme.In his ‘About’ section he explains how he began going to Hollywood Clubs wearing minidresses and skyscraper heels where he would meet celebrities who appreciated his make-up skills and he began doing theirs.In his own words ‘While other kids were studying and doing homework, Jeffree was in mansions and music videos, doing make-up and making tons of money.’ Yes, yes he did. In 2009 he released his first – and only – studio album which he’d begun recording in 2007, https:// explaining that she cannot rationalise his inappropriate behaviour which she said includes ‘promoting drug use, racism and bullying’ and that she can ‘no longer hold my tongue after recent events’.

Maybe they have an agreement of “gifts for pleasure.” Maybe Jeffree just really enjoys buying Nathan luxurious gifts? Or here’s an even more radical idea: maybe they’re genuinely in love and attracted to each other?Because Nathan looks like he’d rather have a women on his side? Everyone is so stuck on the narrative that gay men are supposed to look a certain way and speak a certain way and be attracted to a specific sex.Masculinity plays absolutely no factor in whom you like to have sex with or whom you choose to engage in a relationship with.v=wzu5Nzgx Nwg).’ in which her main focus is an artist called BJ Betts who she claims Jeffree stole ideas from.Jeffree Star responded with his own You Tube video called ' Kat Von D: It's easier to tell the truth.' in which he addresses all of Kat’s claims.

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It isn’t exactly a surprise; none of it is really his business after all.

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