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but what i see is death, murder, abuse and horror.... the emotions, the truth and the reel straighness about the lack of humanity.muslims will kill our religion.. so i’ve been dating my boyfriend for over a left the jehovah witness community and we have been living together for one hasn’t kept in contact with his family because he was disfellowshipped and hasn’t gone to any meetings. so i posted boyfriend and i have been living together for a year, and he went to the memorial tonight (sorry if that’s not what it’s called).i told him i was upset he didn’t invite me but wasn’t going to tell him not to go because he hasn’t talked to his family for over a year.Some outsiders are attracted by the strict moral values of Jehovah's Witnesses.And because of that they wrongly assume that a JW can become a good partner.

The organization and the beliefs of JW's about the organization, makes it almost impossible to create a happy, loving, and lasting relationship with a JW if you're an outsider with no plans of changing your religion.Matthew -51 Hence they've set up judicial committees to enforce God's laws based on their interpretation of the Bible. A Christian's symbol for salvation is Jesus, - never a religious organization.Matthew 7:1; Luke ; Matthew ,19; 1 John ; Jude ; John 17:3 The organization has very strict dating and marriage rules that must be followed within their faith.Most are not willing to do that because they don't see any value in 'worldly wisdom', - i.e. They believe that the world is dominated by Satan and he is constantly tempting them to leave the teachings of the WT. They are filled with guilt for leaving 'the truth' or 'God's organization'.The only ones who recover from their experience are those who thoroughly research the Watchtower from independent sources and those who seek help with religious deprogramming.

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Men especially are attracted to JW women who are trained to be submissive and loyal.

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