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The account of Jesus' trial and crucifixion is more credible.

Yet, John's gospel is unquestionably a later work than the other three official gospels.

John's gospel is markedly different from the other three gospels: it names many people who are anonymous in the other three gospels and it includes two episodes (the wedding at Cana and the raising of Lazarus) that the other gospels seem curiously unaware of.

It "sounds" more knowledgeable: it provides details about the early proselytizing of Jesus and the rivalry between Jesus' sect and John the Baptist's sect.

So let's listen to the losers and see if their story makes more sense" (Freke).

Many gospels were written, including and besides the four official ones.

He excluded some of the most popular texts, such as the gospel of Thomas and the gospel of the Hebrews (by far the two most popular texts among early Christians).Until then, little was known about the early Christians known as the Gnostics."We've listened to the winners, and their story doesn't make any sense.One of the banned gospels, the gospel of Judas Thomas, has been considered a potential candidate for "Q" or for something closer to "Q" than anything else we have found.Note that the very first gospel (70AD) was written when Christianity had already spread throughout the Roman Empire, and emperor Nero had already started persecuting Christians (64AD).

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