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Just remember not to post monotonous life events, like describing the omelet you had for breakfast this morning.According to Internet World Stats, more than 2.4 billion people used the Internet in 2012. JOAN RIVERS: [I said] I think we better get a waiter here? JOAN RIVERS: It’s very interesting, because people keep eating. It gives you a chance to weed out the bad seeds and concentrate on the viable candidates who could be your soul mate.That’s why we’ve constructed this list of the top six ways to meet someone online. Here are our reviews of 2013’s best online dating sites.That’s a lot of potential men and women who just might be your soul mate.

At what point do you get the check, by the ambulance?

Broken hearts and unmet expectations are just a few of the bruises you may endure.

At Dating, we think meeting a future mate online can help soften the blow.

JOAN RIVERS: What do you tip when you carry them out? HOWARD STERN: And what was the cause of death, a heart attack? and I had just ordered this really good salmon meal.

JOAN RIVERS: No, but I did say, look, I left a 20% tip, is that OK? because then the family would fight with you, you gave 20% and the meal wasn’t over?

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JOAN RIVERS: I had been dating this man about five weeks?

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