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He also is well aware of what other scholars before him have done, most notably: Lightfoot, Westcott, Hort, Reicke, Guthrie, and others.

To be brief I would highly recommend this book to any laymen New Testament scholars who want a long list of reading after Robinson, as he provides a myriad of sources.

Robinson was considered a major force in shaping liberal Christian theology.

Along with Harvard theologian Harvey Cox, he spearheaded the field of secular theology and, like William Barclay, he was a believer in universal salvation.

Below I will attach some of the charts he provides related to the dating of the books and some of the historical events in the book of Acts (Paul’s timeline for example) My favorite sections that Robinson wrote on were that of Acts, Hebrews and Revelation. He began writing this book as a theological exercise, as "little more than a theological joke".

A book as much for the beginner as for the academic NT scholar' (CEM Review), 'The greatest pleasure Dr Robinson gives is purely intellectual.

Robinson also made the Book of James very early - this makes sense since it is widely agreed that the theology in that epistle is somewhat raw and undeveloped, totally unlike the towering maturity of Paul in Romans! ROBINSON'S REDATED NEW TESTAMENT CHRONOLOGY James - c.

Here are Robinson's dates, he includes one or two early works which are not canonical: J.

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On the basis that the fall of Jerusalem is never mentioned in the New Testament writings as a past fact, Dr.

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