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Men may experience their feelings through physical complaints.It's not uncommon to see men experience their feelings through things such as headaches are backaches."We've dismissed men as the feelingless gender—we've given up on them.Because of the way boys are socialized, their ability to deal with emotions has been systematically undermined.Just look at how men act at sports events: It's not uncommon to see them express great exuberance and affection, giving each other hugs and high-fives.Football and hockey players, thought of as some of the most "macho" men around, appear quite comfortable expressing their feelings with each other during a game.Men are taught, point-by-point, not to feel, not to cry, and not to find words to express themselves." feel, and feel deeply.Many times, men express their feelings using a secret code—a code that even they can't decipher. Men may convert stereotypically feminine feelings, such as sadness or vulnerability, into feelings like anger or pride—feelings more socially acceptable for them to experience.

As most men are dating, pleeenty marrying, most have had a least 1 relationship, etc.He felt terribly sad that his daughter was going through such pain, and he fell justifiably angry.After he expressed the full range of his feelings, he no longer threatened to kill the young man and was better able to support his daughter in helpful ways. Men may express emotions only in places where they feel safe, and where the expression of feelings is considered acceptable.Emily argued that a dog would provide her with some needed company, and make her feel secure when alone in their home. There was research which showed that 90% of women STAY with their alcoholic partner and 90% of men LEAVE theirs. But for the most part, society is OK with women who cry; whereas, almost no men are allowed to cry except in very exceptional circumstances (e.g. "Although men may not always know what they're feeling, there's one thing they’re sure about: they’re convinced they’re in a major double bind.In his logical, analytical way, Rob gave her every reason why the timing was not right, for example: On an intellectual level, Emily knew he was right, but her heart insisted she would be happier with the dog. With much coaxing, Rob agreed to accompany Emily to the local animal shelter “just to look” at dogs. If it was the other way round you wouldn't have called it disgusting; you'd have understood and agreed with the man who had done so. My partner and family and so forth often think I am cold, but if I cry or show anger, they get baffled or scared or whatever and unsettled until I go back to being the strong silent one. Women tell men to express their feelings, but when they do, women are often petrified, if not horrified.

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