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The numbers, though modest, help to ease the steep decline in incoming priests, sisters and brothers.

Perhaps even more vividly, the ACE participants stand at a radical remove from the careerist track of their generation of students at elite colleges. I was part of a volunteers’ program in college, but I feel drawn to a deeper connection to people, not a superficial kind of service.”The desire compelled him to enter ACE after graduating from the University of Central Florida.

Not unlike priests, brothers or sisters, ACE volunteers live in intentional households, being paid a stipend so modest that they are compelled by finances as well as faith to cook, clean, plan and pray communally.

"Please plan to JOIN US on Sunday, July 29th to welcome our very good friends in the Lord, Dr. Please come to hear what the Lord has laid on his heart.

Please join us for ALL of our special Sundays geared for the unique relationships in your life. We have nursery-care for all of our services (with beeper service for our parents).

He told them about driving a bus 90 minutes to an away game and how amazing it was when his leadoff hitter singled to start the game and shouted in joy from first base.“I’ve had access to things I never would have otherwise,” Mr. She started college with “my 10-year plan,” which would culminate in a Ph. in analytical chemistry and a professor’s position. ACE came next, placing her in a middle school outside Atlanta. Why do you feel propelled to become a women-religious worker when you can do all that they do and still have a family and have kids?

Instead, as she got to know several religious sisters at her Catholic college, she followed a passion for social justice into a volunteer program with the Sisters of St. Vocation Day merely heightened her curiosity about the possibility of a consecrated life, both what is gained and what is sacrificed in it.“This is the million-dollar question,” Ms. “But there’s this state of pure joy when you’re immersed and in the presence of these powerful women figures,” she said.

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